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By Andrea Bonfanti

Here is a selection of 4 beautiful Photography Art Books Florence, Siena, Tuscany

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photograpic book by Andrea Bonfanti

In Florence with Dante

In Florence with Dante - Published Dec 2018

This book takes a look at a different Florence, far from the stereotype of the hit-and-run tourism city. You will be accompanied by a truly unique guide: Dante Alighieri himself, who was born and lived in the sestiere quarter of Por San Pietro until the day of his exile.

The book mostly tells the story of the Florence of Dante’s time: the Bargello, the Florentine Badia, the church of San Miniato, the Ponte Vecchio, the "beautiful San Giovanni" where the poet was baptized, the dark alleyways behind the Piazza della Signoria and the Duomo, the clashes between the Bianche and Neri and much more.

In other parts of the book, a triplet verse from the Commedia provides the author opportunity to reveal the face of an untold Florence. Here, then, is a bronze statuette from the Bargello, whose emaciated appearance recalls Dante’s friend Forese, who meets the poet in the circle of the Greedy; and then there is the celebration of the colors of spring from the Bardini garden and the splendid pre-dawn hours on the Lungarni, or the play of shadows in the Loggia dei Lanzi to suggest the meeting in Purgatory between the intangible bodies of Statius and Virgil.

Forty "Florentine" triplet verses from Dante’s Commedia are affectionately retold and amusingly explained by the author, accompanied by beautiful and original images of the city. Here is a volume that any lover of Dante, Florence and of Photography should not miss.
Square format 22x22 (opened 44x44), 124 pages, laminated cover in rigid board with full-page photo, 40 verse triplets commented by texts and 70 large-format color plates.

Texts in Italian and English
Foreword by Franco Cardini
Cover price: € 25 plus € 15 shipping outside Italy.

"Florence Portrait of a City" by Andrea Bonfanti


"FLORENCE: Portrait of a City" by Andrea Bonfanti - Publication 2002 Nov.

The splendor of the squares and the colors of the city quarters, the solemnity of the Lungarni riverbanks and the peacefulness of the countryside. Another view of Florence, even the inescapable views are re-discovered through the care of the photographer's lens' and lighting.

5 chapters with text written by the author in Italian, English, French and German.
Book size 24x30cm (9,5x11,8in) - 144 pages in glossy paper (170gr). Book cover leaves in cardboard lined with colored opaque paper. 130 color photographs.
Price € 30 + shipping outside Italy - Price when purchased with "Siena History and Poetry": € 45 + shipping outside Italy.

"Siena: history and Poetry" by Andrea Bonfanti


"SIENA History and Poetry" by Andrea Bonfanti - Publication 2006 Dec.

4 chapters with historical introduction written by Mario Ascheri (in Italian and English) and brief comments accompanying images by Rita Ceccarelli, Daniela Ardenghi and Andrea Bonfanti (in Italian and English translation following each chapter).
In this book you will find all the warmth of Siena, its brick houses, the palaces and its incredible Gothic cathedral, symbol of the eternal rivalry with Florence; and of course its unforgettable Piazza del Campo, the so called "Contrade" (historical Siena districts) and the Palio.
Book size: 24X26 cm - 144 pages in glossy paper (170 g) - Book cover leaves in cardboard and lined with colored opaque paper - 126 color photographs, 4 in black and white.
Price: € 25 + shipping outside Italy - Price when purchased with “FLORENCE Portrait of a city”: € 45 + shipping outside Italy

"Tuscany: city walls and landscapes" By Andrea Bonfanti


"TUSCANY: City Walls and Landscape" by Andrea Bonfanti - Publication 2011 Jun.

9 chapters with text written by the author in Italian, English, French and German.
A photographic journey that embraces all of Tuscany, from its most famous and celebrated aspects (Val d'Orcia, Crete senesi and Chianti) to those less known but equally relevant (Val d' Elsa, Maremma, Metalliferous Hills and Volterra), without forgetting the mountain (Apuan Alps and forests of the Casentino) and the sea.
A real miniature continent to flip through page after page.
Book size 24x29cm (9,5 x 11,5in) - 184 pages in semi-matte glossy paper (170gr) with shiny finish, book cover leaves in cardboard lined with colored opaque paper. 183 colored photographs.
Price € 35 + shipping outside Italy.
Price of the "Tuscan Trilogy" (3 books: Tuscany + Florence + Siena): 70 € + shipping outside Italy.

Dvd My Tuscany by Andrea Bonfanti

DVD Slideshow "MY TUSCANY" By Andrea Bonfanti

A 25 minute long slideshow celebrating the beauty of Tuscany

The DVD includes part of the production of photographer Andrea Bonfanti on Tuscany from the early 1990s to the present, in the form of slideshow. What is a slideshow? is a movie in which alternate still images in fade, with a musical commentary in the background. It is viewable on the computer on both MAC and Window platforms and on the TV screen in the PAL and NTSC standards (modern TVs support both signals).
On the DVD  "My Tuscany" you will find in twenty-five minutes all the incredible richness of this region: Florence and Siena, the landscapes of the countryside, the sea and the mountains, the villages, the great monastery around Siena, the people and its traditions... and much more.
Price is 20€, shipping included