Florence Photo Tours

Shooting Florence Right Place Right Time with the Professional Photographer Andrea Bonfanti

Florence Photo Tours

Shooting Florence Right Place Right Time with the Professional Photographer Andrea Bonfanti

Why go on a Tuscany Photo Tour or a Florence Photo Tour?
Just like you, I too am a traveler with a camera and I know all the hard work that's involved in preparing a trip: weeks of research in guide books, searching through countless websites, poring over maps and studying the direction of the light in a photo that captured your interest... Planning the photo shoots, prioritising between the essential, the possible and the superfluous. And then you say to yourself: "I'd like to photograph this angle, but should I plan for early morning or late afternoon?".
Not everyone can afford to take all that time planning!
It is better to rely on a professional who knows Florence and Tuscany deeply. A true fan of photography exactly like you. For a small fee, Andrea will find you the best experiences of your photo trip. With his guidance, including technical and aesthetic hints, you will really see a difference in your photos!

You can go on a Tuscany Photo Tour or a Florence Photo Tour:

- to discover or rediscover innovative aspects of a region/city, guided by a professional who has total familiarity with the territory and who is just as fascinated by Tuscany as you.

- to find yourself  at the "right spot at the right time" and capture beautiful images of your trip, whatever the weather.

- to improve your photographic technique and deepen your knowledge of Florence and Tuscany. Andrea will not simply "go with you", but will help you to compose your photos to the best and get you involved in the subjects you photograph.

Differences between Florence Photo Tour and Tuscany Photo Tour

- Tuscany Photo Tour is by car, so the maximum number of permitted participants is four.

- Florence Photo Tour is simply a walking tour, but also has a limited numbers of participants (max four-five). This is to safeguard the optimal personal experience and satisfaction of every single participant.

- a Tuscany Photo Tour lasts more than three hours. You are free to choose a Sunrise Tour leaving from your hotel before dawn, or a Sunset Tour to live the experience of the Tuscan golden hour in amazing spots.

- a Florence Photo Tour is a two-hour long tour. Normally Andrea meets the participants at 9 am, but all depends on the season and on your needs, so starting times are always very flexible.

- The price of a Florence Photo Tour is always per person, no matter the number of participants.

- However, in a Tuscany Photo Tour you pay for the service. For example, if you are the only one participant you'll pay the whole amount; if you are three, the cost will be divided into three parts. Quite simple, isn't it?

- Cost of Tuscany Photo Tour includes pick-up/ drop-off directly at the hotel (except for "Florence Hills TPT", which costs less. See details.)

- Florence Photo Tour starts in the historical centre of Florence, in a well-known spot easily accessible by walking.

- no particular photographic equipment is required. Your eyes are always the most important lens, don't forget it!


The Magic Of Florence

Discover and re-discover Florence through new angles.
Fit for photographers who wants to shoot the monumental look of Florence, with a personal touch.
Only walking tour.

Oltrarno Atmospheres

Colors, beauty and craftsmen of authentic Florence.
Fit for attentive and independent photographers.
Only walking tour.